Jonathan Collett Public Relations Ltd.


1. Extremely experienced in proactive and reactive crisis and issues management at the Conservative Party, News International and the Press Complaints Commission.

2. Former Press Secretary to a party political leader - Michael Howard.

3. Expert on handling, drafting, training and analysing public inquiries (led Conservative Party response on Hutton Inquiry and Butler Review and PCC handling of Leveson Inquiry. Strong experience of Select Committees.)

4. Adept at producing innovative and counter intuitive to problems such as devising change4life and business4life in response to the threat of advertising bans and restrictions.

5. Experience of many case studies of threats to advertising and commercial freedom of expression. Strategy and solutions have worked well.

6. Media handling. Experienced in handling pre-publication and pre-broadcast issues and challenges.

7. Very experienced in producing analysis, strategy and solutions to communications, public affairs and regulatory issues.

​8. Accomplished speech writer for politicians and major industry figures.

​9. Led Conservative Party communications on foreign affairs. Trained and advised leaders in five continents.

10. All round strategic and communications experience on political strategy, campaigning, public affairs, research, press handling, and marketing.